Rules & Regulations

Rules Regulations


  • Kindly ensure that all belongings of your ward are prominently labeled. Complaint for things misplaced if not labeled, will not be entertained.
  • Kindly drop your ward 10 minutes before the bell rings and co-operate by abiding by the school timings. Please ensure that you leave the school premises before the bell rings for assembly. Also ensure that you pick up your ward in time, after school. School will not be responsible for children going late.
  • Students to wear white canvas shoes on the day of their Games / P.T. period.
  • Please send an extra set of clothes daily in a labeled polybag. (Only classes Pre Nursery & Nursery)
  • Pre Nursery & Nursery children to pin up a hanky on the upper of the dress and L.K.G. onwards to carry a hanky in the pocket daily.
  • Girls are supposed to wear only black hair accessories.
  • Sikhs are supposed to wear only black patka.
  • Do not put ‘kajal’ in your ward’s eyes.
  • Saturdays are off.
  • Please do not go to the classrooms directly during the school hours.
  • It is expected that you converse in English with your ward at home and if you find it difficult, it is advisable that atleast day to day common words should be spoken in English so that he / she may pick up the commands faster in school.
  • We would like to advise / suggest parents to put up a Pin Board in their child’s room wherein loose sheets e.g. circulars, course sheet, notices, activities done etc. can be put up for ready reference. You will also see how much boost it will give to your child’s self esteem when he / she sees those activity sheets on display in the room.
  • Any employee of the school demanding favour should be reported in the office.
  • It is expected that you avoid the use of cell phones in school premises and keep them switched off.
  • Please avoid talking to the teachers in morning or after school as it makes it difficult for them to concentrate on the kids.
  • It is a humble request to the parents not to ask teachers for their personal contact numbers and also not to make phone calls to them on their personal numbers.
  • You are requested not to send fancy stationery to school. For classes Pre Nursery to L.K.G. stationery is provided in school.
  • Check the Index of the Books for H.W. / C.W. and check the Exercise Notebooks daily for H.W. / C.W. Please note the same will not be mentioned in the diary.
  • In case your ward is absent, it is your sole responsibility to note down the Classwork & Homework for that / those day/s. This can be done after school hours. Late work will not be checked.
  • Kindly take care of your ward’s books and make sure that they don’t scribble or complete the pages that have not been done in class.
  • You are requested to be very careful while parking your vehicles the time you come to pick / drop your ward. Please do not park on road nor in front of the school gate.
  • All communication should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Whenever you make a phone call in school please have the S.R. No., class & section of your ward ready for reference.
  • Please DO NOT send empty cold drink / juice bottles as water bottle with children to school. Parents to preferably send bottles which can be hung around their neck.
  • Late entries for optional events like excursions etc. will be fined.
  • We expect you to pay attention to your ward’s punctuality, regularity, discipline and neatness and take interest in their work.


  • For Birthday celebration, kindly handover the sweets to the Class Teacher in the morning which will be distributed to kids. Kindly keep it a low key affair like limiting to1-2 toffees as a token. Anything more will be sent back. Cutting of cake is also not permitted in school. Children can come in coloured clothes on their birthdays. Parents are not allowed to join the celebrations in school.


  • As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, leave of absence should be sent by e-mail on clearly mentioning the name of the ward,class,section,dates and the reason for leave.
  • Early leave will not be permitted as it causes disruption in school functioning. Hence all appointments to be taken after school. If there is any unavoidable engagement, it is better the child doesn’t attend the school that day.
  • In case of emergency, Early Leave given will be granted once you send an application on mail for the same and it will be marked absent.
  • A sick leave should be supported by Medical Certificate.
  • Any student who is absent for one month without any prior notice, his name will be struck off the register without giving any intimation.

P. T. M.

  • We would suggest that P.T.M. held atleast once in two months should be attended by both or one of the parents. It will help you know better about your ward. P.T.M. attendance is marked in the Report Card.
  • In case either of the parents is unable to attend the P.T.M. any relative on their behalf can attend the same provided prior permission has been taken by the Principal.


  • Children are assessed twice in a session – once in Sep / Oct. and then in Feb / March (Nursery onwards)
  • Pre Nursery Assessment is done on class performance.
  • Under no circumstances will any assessment date be postponed / preponed.
  • Report Card will be withheld if Municipal Birth Certificate or fee till date is not submitted.
  • No class ranking of students is done in accordance with our motto "Each Child A Star"

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