Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

A Great School… because your child deserves the best.

With the launching of the Neo Dales Play School website, we hope parents, both present and prospective, will have access more readily to information about the School and its activities.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for reposing their trust & faith in our school. Despite so many schools to choose from , Neo Dales remains the first preference for most discerning parents. In general, we hope that all visitors to our website will find the site not only informative but also a pleasant experience. As far as possible, we will update the site from time to time and would welcome feedback in this regard. At the center of our vision is the belief that each child is different. Each of our children is a star. And in each of these stars there is a sparkle that shines. Therefore the best service we can do, as a learning institute is to move beyond any preconceived notions and prejudices and help develop that unique spark that a child possesses.

On behalf of the Neo Dales family, I wish you an enjoyable visit to our site and a lasting association with the School.



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