Fee Structure 2018-19

Fee Structure

1st Installment
(April to June)
2nd Installment
(July to Sept)
3rd Installment
(Oct. to Dec.)
4th Installment
(Jan. to Mar.)
Pre Nursery to Class ONE Pre Nursery to Class ONE Pre Nursery to Class ONE Pre Nursery to Class ONE
Admission Fee (Non Refundable) 16000
Security Deposit (Refundable) 3500
Annual Charges 2750 2750
Tuition Fee 7700 7700 7700 7700
Educational Technology Fee 850 850 850 850
Sports Fee 300 300 300 300
Assessment Fee 250 250
*Imprest Money (Refundable) 2500
Conveyance Fee
( As Applicable )
As applicable As applicable As applicable As applicable
TOTAL 33600 9100 11600 9100
  • Fee will be charged from April, irrespective of the month the admission takes place, subject to availability of seats.
  • Fee will be deposited for the 1st time at the time of admission either by 1. NEFT 2. ONLINE through our payment gateway 3. by cheque in school & thereafter either through 1. NEFT 2. ONLINE through our payment gateway 3. by cheque during bank hours i.e. between 9:30 am to 3:30 pm directly in the school’s bank account HDFC Bank Ltd., Pandit Dutt Sharma Marg, Near Civil Lines Police Station, Opp. Election Office, Moradabad
  • Last date for fee deposit is 15th of the first month of the pertaining quarter. Late fine of Rs.10/- per day will be levied after 15th .
  • Unpaid fee after the 15th of the month it falls due may result in suitable action by the school authorities as it may deem fit. Action includes withholding Report Card.
  • Conveyance Fee is charged for all the months irrespective of Summer Break or any other vacation.
  • Air conditioned classes.
  • Educational Technology Fee is charged towards Educomp / TeachNext smartclass E- techs, school website, sms facility, school mobile application, parent login facility through ERP software & on / Mobile App & computer lab (for class 1)
  • * Amount towards excursions, Annual Function expenses, issuance of stationery (If required), I- Cards etc. are deducted from the Imprest Money A/c and the balance (if any) is refunded at the time of withdrawal.

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